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Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
this case, the end of the iraq war and potentially afghanistan, or previous the end of the cold war there's been a peace dividend taken. the difference this time is we are not in a peace situation. we are in persistent conflict. so, you add those up together and it's about as challenging as it gets for mark. >> what do you think is top priorities have to be out of the box. >> number one is just establish himself as a leader that's going to protect and defend the fact that air power is one of the major capabilities in the united states military and that this is not a either or situation number one and artech late to the unitestates air force what the value proposition is. i think he is the perfect person for that. and then you add that again right away to the uncertainty of budgetary issues and the fact that the major part of the fleet, the fighter flight in this case, is aging tremendously, and how do recap tallize that. those challenges in itself will take four years. >> what -- the service has blocked the air force's proposed budget cuts what's the way around that? >> i think it's
Sep 9, 2012 11:30am EDT
. >> you commanded troops in iraq and afghanistan. what are the three enduring lessons that marines will have to take with them well into the future about irregular warfare and counterinsurgency. >> i believe we learned a couple of things coming out of afghanistan and iraq. the need for the cultural awareness piece of any place we go, we have to know the battle space, know our allies, know our enemy better than we have in the past perhaps. we need to carry that forward with us. we'll remember that i think we're also going to remember the fact we need to be adaptable. you need to be flexible both in our tactics, our procedures and our act to get the -- and our ability to get the equipment our soldiers need as warfare changes and the enemy adapts to our methods and our procedures. lastly i think of course is protection against very simple weapons produced but very effective weapons produced against us at we have to adapt ourselves to very quickly. >> it's written that the marines should dedicate 30,000 of its force on regular warfare and 70,000 -- [indiscernible] is that a good idea and if
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2